Thursday, September 23, 2010

The world's richest man Bill Gates: The Battle of retirement started Empire

The world's richest man, announced his retirement plans. For 12 years, "the world's richest man," this title has been monopolized by one person - Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

This is the world's most high-profile retirement plan. June 16, 51-year-old Bill Gates himself announced that starting from July 2008, will no longer be responsible for the daily management of the company, his identity will only be Microsoft's chairman and chief advisor on key development projects.

To this end, Microsoft set a two-year transition period to ensure the day to day management responsibilities Gates smooth and orderly transition. As the world's No. 1 philanthropist, Bill Gates would like most of the "retirement" time scale of 29 billion U.S. dollars for the attention of "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation," the global health and education.

Meanwhile, the two "Elegance" was selected as Gates "commercial empire" of succession candidates, Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie, chief technology officer and 鍏嬭幈鏍肩﹩杩? Gates took over as chief software architect of Microsoft's history of Oz is one of the most powerful chief technology officer. Interestingly, Microsoft has three individuals as chief technology officer, who report directly to Gates.

Bill Gates is a legend created by PC era, he founded Microsoft, a virtual monopoly on PC software platform era, Gates also accompanied by the continuing escalation of Windows, as the planet's richest man. Gates has retired as the fighting started the Universal Declaration of horn, a series of "pre-retirement plan" is very well organized, Gates also did not see that will be sad to say farewell.

This is to enable Microsoft's Bill Gates in the IT field "regime change" in the continued vitality. The peak of a heroic era of the knowledge necessary to take a bow, PC not cover the river from flowing eastward. Full dominate the world in an Internet era, the vitality of Gates and Microsoft hard hit.

In 1975, Gates left Harvard to create Microsoft; 15 years, Windows set off tidal wave, IBM sigh; 20 years later, under the threat of Netscape, Microsoft, Gates led the first step to the Internet, development the IE browser, Gates wrote for this world-renowned "Internet wave."

In the current revenue structure, 90% of Microsoft's revenue comes from two software products W indows and Office. Software licensing business model, the industry is no longer excited. Represented by Google, the Internet revolution to the new business model in the end, is recognized as a historical trend.

Picture of the future of IT will be like this: the software will no longer be installed on the PC, consumers do not buy the software, consumers only need to use the eye as the "Internet currency" to pay to get all the services. The Internet browser is only the sea coast, the vast waters need more companies to explore business and even philosophy.

31 years later, Microsoft needs to start over. Gates was still "stick" for Microsoft's Internet Explore named W indows Live, to replace the previous MSN, Microsoft's future, almost all Internet service will use W indows Live brand.

Microsoft for its Internet domain "striking" passive enough price to pay, hope with the retirement scheme Gates launched a new round of "Imperial Wars," enough time to launch.


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